Lunch at Walima

For Lunch today I headed to Walima, the Moroccan restaurant on Dundas St, Edinburgh. First off, my caveat is that I know nothing about Moroccan food!

The restaurant was, as many restaurants deep in the New Town tend to be at Lunch time, empty when we arrived. By the time we left only two other tables were occupied. Walima do a starter and main course for just £5.95 as their Lunch special. The menu is limited to three starters and three mains: each contains one vegetarian dish. The decor is excellent, with dark walls and many Moroccan themed artefacts. The music is also Moroccan, so you don’t ever forget what surroundings you are in!

I can’t remember the names of the two dishes I ordered, but such was their quality, I can easily recall them below:-

  • Starter: Samosas stuffed with Spinach and feta cheese served with a small salad on the side
  • Main: Lamb in a stunning sauce, containing a few potatoes and olives. This was served in a sizeable bowl and came red hot from the kicthen.

Bread and couscous were served for everyone to help themselves to with the main course.

The food was superb; an absolute joy to eat. Every single one of us ate every last piece! It was quality, tasty, fresh and hugely enjoyable. The service was excellent and the price an absolute steal. I cannot recommend trying this place for Lunch enough.

I have not tried Walima in the evening, but hear it has a much larger menu and even bellydancing on some nights ;-o However, given the excellent Lunch I’ve had today I will definately be trying Walima for dinner in the future. Head down and take some of those empty tables up!

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