Lunch at the Bailie Bar in Stockbridge

The Bailie Bar is a traditional Scottish pub in every possible way. It is located in the basement on the corner of Stockbridge’s St Stephen St, so while accessible to the scores of Stockbridge residents who call the Bailie Bar their local, it’s also within walking distance of Edinburgh city centre. Lovingly unspoilt perfectly describes the Bailie Bar’s interior - low dark ceilings, island bar, red leather upholstery and no music or fruit machines. The Bailie Bar, which has been around in one form or another since the 1870s, has embraced sport though and is a very popular pub for watching live football in Stockbridge.

Chargrilled El Paso burger at the Bailie Bar, Stockbridge, Edinburgh Lasagne at the Bailie Bar, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

The attraction of the Bailie Bar for the drinker is beyond doubt - IPA, Caledonian 80 and regularly changing guest ales stand alongside Guinness, Tennents and Stella Artois. There’s also a solid selection of malt whiskys at the Bailie Bar, which are perfect for cold Scottish nights and when the Bailie Bar really does come into its own. The Bailie Bar is friendly and welcoming; a genuine place where pub banter is welcomed. We chose to visit on a beautifully sunny day though, so didn’t see much of the blue sky outside!

Towards the back of the Bailie Bar is an area used mainly for dining. The traditional ‘pub grub’ menu reads well, although when the specials menu is taken into account it’s so large that making a decision is difficult. My El Paso burger from the specials menu was as hearty and solid as the pub itself, but Crombie sausage and mash (£8.75) was a little disappointing due to the overcooked sausages and the viscous gravy swamping the dish. The lasagne was typical of what you’d find offered in a lot of pubs. Our other choice from the specials menu, a triple decker club sandwich (£6.95), was humongous and good value.

While the food was fine enough, it’s really a case of the pub making the food an attractive proposition, rather than the food making the pub an attractive proposition. I fully recommend enjoying drinks at the Bailie Bar and soaking up the atmosphere. If you’re after food the Bailie Bar won’t excel, but it probably won’t disappoint either.

The Bailie Bar is located at 2 - 4 St. Stephen Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5AL
Telephone: 0131 225 4673

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  1. Fits with my experiences of the Bailie. I have fond memories of some happy evenings spent in its traditional surroundings.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog. Great to see another Edinburgh blogger, though we cover different territory. I’ll add you to my blogroll.

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