Los Cardos of Leith Walk for Mex takeaway

The blog was impressed by Illegal Jack’s for takeaway tex-mex and has been impressed again by Los Cardos. Los Cardos opened in April. The premises are compact and are home to a small, but appealing sit-in area, or you can take your tex mex away. The latter is exactly what the Edinburgh Blog opted for after ordering a rather delicious steak burrito.

Steak burrito at Los Cardos, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

The menu of Los Cardos is all about the burritos; either the traditional burrito, fajita burrito (peppers and onions instead of beans) or the burrito bowl (no tortilla). Prices range from £4.50 to £5.85. My succulent steak burrito was great; marinated in chil-citrus and served with rice, black or pinto beans and a healthy choice of fillings. Just as we were leaving a crowd of regulars walked in to order their haggis burritos - a seemingly strange combination, but I’m told on good authority it’s delicious.

A brown paper bag of tortilla chips is yours for £1, although ours had softened a little with age. There were no similar complaints with the guacomole pot (£1.25), which was fresh and tasty. Though like nearly everything at Los Cardos it had a kick! The green salsa I chose as a burrito filling was fantastic, while the roastin’ red’ salsa (75p) had me reaching for a cold beer to subdue my burning tongue. It’s clear Los Cardos produce all their fresh food on the premises. And it is clear they are experts in creating simple, but terrifically flavoured Mex offerings.

Edinburgh is quickly becoming a super city for the casual tex-mex dining market. And that’s absolutely fine by me. Los Cardos is highly recommended.

Los Cardos is located at 281 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 8PD.
Telephone: 0131 555 6619

2 Responses to “Los Cardos of Leith Walk for Mex takeaway”

  1. Now I’m starving thanks a lot, do they deliver?

  2. Hello,
    thanks for the write up. Re, the tortilla chips, we literally just discovered that the last batch of oil that we were using was not cooking at a high enough temperature to achieve tortilla crispness perfection. So softness was not due to age, but a too low frying temperature point. Sorry about that. The problem has been rectified.
    Thanks again,
    Los Cardos

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