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Leith Lynx joins a crowded Leith market catering to the bar and bistro scene. With so much choice it’s a struggle for newcomers to stand out and gain a loyal following. This is more difficult, when like Leith Lynx, your bistro is off the beaten track. What finally tempted The Edinburgh Blog to visit was learning one of the proprietors of Leith Lynx is Brian Donkin, whose past ventures include the Cameo Bar. Back in the day the Cameo Bar was a good choice for a good burger. I wanted to see if Leith Lynx would follow suit.

Game pie at Leith Lynx, Edinburgh Beef burger at Leith Lynx, Edinburgh

The game pie (¬£7.30) had two huge positives. First the carrots it was served (Leith Lynx’s “veg of the day” ) with were delicious and secondly the pastry top was really well done. Unfortunately the interior of the pie didn’t match the trimmings. The sauce was thick as if based on a soup and tomato flavoured - not quite the port flavour described by the menu. Perhaps we should have selected one of Leith Lynx’s attractive sounding fish dishes, such as mussels or oysters, instead.

At ¬£6.10 my beef burger was good value (20p extra for Swiss cheese melt). The beef was good quality, the bun it was served in was pretty good and the homemade wedges were great. The burger was from Leith Lynx’s “short orders”, which include pasta, seafood dish of the day and meat dish of the day. All of these are under ¬£7, which on the basis of the burger represent good value. Perhaps the short order menu is the best differentiator Leith Lynx has in its crowded market.

Far too many places these days serve desserts which are clearly not homemade and have been frozen at some point. I’m happy to report the chocolate fudge cake (¬£3.20) at Leith Lynx displayed none of the tell-tale signs - it was fresh, light and lovely.

We visited Leith Lynx on a cold Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately Leith Lynx did little to warm us - the heating wasn’t on and the interior design does little to suggest this will be a great destination during Winter. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Leith Lynx, bar their solid Belgium beer selection, is the value. Choose wisely and you’ll get change from ¬£20 for a main course and drink each.

Leith Lynx is located at 102 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, Leith, EH6 6ED
Telephone: 0131 538 4796

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  1. looks delicious, and the price is acceptable.

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