George St. Ivory Lounge. OK.

Ivory Lounge replaced Bar 38 at the West end of Edinburgh’s George Street. It’s still operated by the same group as Bar 38 but, in my opinion, its interior has changed for the better. “Style and comfort” are the words Ivory Lounge use to describe their venue, and they are words I would agree with. We visited on a Monday after work for a few drinks. While not busy there were, like most haunts on George St, a reasonable number of people in the Ivory Lounge.

Exterior of Ivory Lounge on Edinburgh's George Street Chicken breast burger at Ivory Lounge, George St, Edinburgh

We sat in the enclave towards the back of Ivory Lounge. This has a long leather seat and five or six individual tables; it’s atmospherically lit and the music is audible but not intrusive. I think this area, like others in the Ivory Lounge, is available for private hire and it would make a great area for a work celebration or birthday party.

The whole interior layout is more effective as Ivory Lounge with a good mixture of booths, tables adjacent to the bar and well spread out tables toward the front of Ivory Lounge. Within a few minutes our waitress had taken our drinks order. I had a pint of Kronenberg (£3.35) and my dining partner a small glass of Pinot Grigio (£3.65), which received an okay rating from its consumer.

The Ivory Lounge’s menu was already on our table, which is a clear indication the bar is targeting the casual diner. This is further demonstrated by ‘The Ivory Lounge twist on traditional Tapas’. There are 22 dishes to choose from including chicken tempura, potato wedges, lamb cutlets, beer battered cod, meat balls, sausage bites and calamari. This is a great idea and perfect for the groups of friends and work colleagues bars on George St attract. We ordered 3 dishes for £10.45 as our starter: king prawns with an Italian cheese and garlic crust, chicken quesadilla and patatas bravas. One Ivory Lounge tapas dish costs £3.95, 5 for £15.95 and £20.95 will buy you 7 dishes.

King prawns with an Italian cheese and Garlic crust AND Patatas Bravas at Edinburgh's Ivory Lounge Tiger prawn and basil linguini at Ivory Lounge, Edinburgh

The patatas bravas was the tastiest dish, although the Spanish authenticity had been lost somewhat. The Ivory Lounge menu contradicts itself with the headline stating king prawns while the description underneath states black tiger prawns. Anyhow, this was the weakest of all dishes as the prawns (which definitely weren’t king prawns) were very overcooked. The parmesan topping and garlic crust was quite tasty. The chicken quesidilla was the largest tapas dish, but had a fairly meagre filling. However I enjoyed it. Our three dish selection didn’t set my tastebuds on fire, nor raise my enthusiasm to the point I’d rush back. That said if I’d had a few more beers a few good choices from the Ivory Lounge tapas menu would have been more welcome.

Disappointingly the Ivory Lounge had no fajita topping left for their burgers. I ordered their chicken burger at £6.95. This proved very good value: the substantial chicken breast was cooked perfectly. The burger was packed with lettuce and tomato and was served in a wholemeal roll, which was quite unusual, but nice enough. A plethora of fries were served with the burger along with a serving of coleslaw and a small tub of mayonnaise. Overall the burger was the best all round dish of the evening.

My dining partner’s tiger prawn and basil linguini suffered the same problem as our tapas dish: the prawns were overcooked. The linguini was adequate, while the tomato and basil sauce the prawns came in was steady, but not spectacular. At £8.25 I would have expected more. But it was definitely no reason to complain.

The Ivory Lounge serve breakfast until midday, with a full traditional breakfast costing £5.65. Sandwiches, paninis and salads complement a wide range of main courses. Traditional desserts including apple pie, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate brownie cup are available for £3.45. There are special offers on cocktails (2 for £7.50) and shooters (3 for £5.95). I’ve never visited the Ivory Lounge on a Friday or Saturday but, like Bar 38 before, I’d imagine it gets very busy and very lively.

Overall the Ivory Lounge provided a filling and varied meal. It tries to distinguish itself from other George St style bars with the tapas offerings. It’s not a venue I would choose specifically for dining out, but if planning a ‘night on the town’ or looking for a nice venue for drinks, which also serves decent food, then it would be hard to fault the Ivory Lounge.

One thing for sure: it’s definitely worth a visit for drinks. If you like what you see then I’d happily recommend giving their food a try.

Ivory Lounge is located 126 - 128 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN.
Telephone: 0131 220 6180

3 Responses to “George St. Ivory Lounge. OK.”

  1. Your pictures are so tasty, almost makes me want to go there and just eat

  2. Yeah nice one dude, I don’t even live in Edinburgh and it’s making me crave that burger. Curse the internet.

  3. I visited ivory lounge with my wife and daughter on sunday and was sorely disappointed.
    The venue was cold and univiting. The menu was very limited although we were not told as to why.
    There were no had washing facilities in the toilets although a sign did inform us that we could wash our hands in the disabled toilets.
    In the gents one cubicle had a broken toilet seat and the other cubicle door couldn’t lock.
    Otherwise our capuccino, latte, hot chocolate and bowl of chips were ok.
    The service was first rate although with so few customers due to the restricted menu.

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