Fresh & fun Mexican meal at Tex Mex II

A long time ago the folks behind Monster Mash took an ill-fated diversification into the world of Tex Mex food. Monster Mex didn’t last long and based on the the Edinburgh Blog’s evidence its closure was not a great loss to the city. Tex Mex II or Tex Mex 2, depending on your preference, soon moved in and set up their restaurant in the same compact Thistle St premises. You may remember the original Tex Mex restaurant, from its days on the nearby Hanover St. Well the flaming fajitas are back with an extra large flame at Tex Mex II and judging by the popularity of this place, so are the customers.

Pacifico beer and spicy popcorn at Tex Mex II, Edinburgh Chimichangas de la casa (shredded beef) at Tex Mex 2, Edinburgh

The rather depressing interior from the days of Monster Mex has been impressively transformed. There isn’t much space to work with at Tex Mex II, but the the purple and lime colour scheme, the bar inside the electrics cupboard and an open viewing area to the kitchen all help create a restaurant which is fun and welcoming. The service was personal, friendly and efficient.

Tex Mex II isn’t a cheap Mexican restaurant, but the freshness of their food was a welcoming surprise, especially in an area of the restaurant sector which often relies on warming up pre-prepared dishes. A bowl of complementary spicy popcorn was a welcome treat to nibble on over a bottle of the excellent Pacifico Mexican beer (£3.55). I’ve heard it on good authority that the Margaritas at Tex Mex II are amongst the best in the city - a claim I’ll try to verify on future visits. The menu at Tex Mex II is just what you’d expect, although my initial excitement at the combination plate section soon wore off, when I realised my favourite combo (burrito, enchilada and taco) didn’t feature.

The shredded beef chimichanga (basically a deep fried burrito) at £9.50 was huge. The meat inside was plentiful and top quality, as were the flavours bursting from it. The guacomole, sour cream and salsa it was topped with were fresh and flavoursome. I was relieved to find it served with a portion of rice (not mentioned on the menu), as it would have been unfair to be forced into ordering the rice as a side dish. At Mexican restaurants I want lots of different flavours, so a bowl of very good refried beans (£1.40) were ordered as a side dish. The flaming chicken fajitas (£12.35) from the “Fat Donny’s fajita shack” section of the menu were an admirable effort; although be aware they come smothered in cheese and with a lot of peppers and onions. Great for me, but not to everyone’s taste. Next time I would like to try the carnitas con guacomole, which is slow roasted pork.

Some spicy homemade sauce was delivered to our table in an innocent looking jar - after a few minutes the potency of its contents caused the lid to fire up into the air! Tex Mex II is the kind of place where things like this happen. If you’re thinking of trying Tex Mex II, then register on their website to receive a 20% discount voucher (valid for two weeks from the issue date). Better combination dishes and refried beans served with more dishes would increase my enthusiasm for Tex Mex II, but the emphasis on freshly cooked Mexican fare in a fun environment is enough for Tex Mex II to recieve a thumbs up from the Edinburgh Blog.

Tex Mex II is located at 64 Thistle St, Edinburgh, EH2 1EN.
Telephone: 01312609699

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  1. Glad to see another person like Tex Mex II - I love this place. The desserts are HUGE. They do a great lunchtime offer for those on a budget FYI.

  2. Great site. I’ll be back

  3. Thanks for the lovely review. It is great to be appriciated by real people! And feedback that tells us what we are doing right
    lots of love FatDonny (owner/chef)

  4. Ps you can ask for beans instead of rice if you want
    xxx FatDonny

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