Everything going for it, bar the food: The Cramond Inn

The Cramond Inn has a great location in the idyllic Cramond village, which is within easy cycle or drive of Edinburgh city centre. With the Firth of Forth, Cramond Island and a cycle track on its doorstep the Cramond Inn’s location is without fault. The interior, despite a few signs of wear and tear, is welcoming and traditional. Great value and great tasting Samuel Smith’s beer on draught, make the Cramond Inn a very good pub for drink. So where’s the problem?! Well, the service on our visit wasn’t as friendly as you’d expect from a village pub like the Cramond Inn. Though the service is tolerable, the pub food of the Cramond Inn was less so. Despite the romantic images of cosy pub food the Cramond Inn conjured in my mind, the reality was fairly poor pub food at prices which demand far higher standards.

Haggis, neeps and tatties at The Cramond Inn, Edinburgh Lasagne at The Cramond Inn, Edinburgh

The A4 menu of the Cramond Inn has all the usual suspects such as steak pie, scampi and chips, haddock and chips, bangers and mash. We visited the Cramond Inn on a Monday afternoon, after a stroll across the water to Cramond Island. Food is ordered at the bar and it wasn’t long before my initial choice of steak and ale pie (¬£8.95) had to be changed, due to it “not being ready”. After a quick perusal of the menu I settled on home made lasagne and chips (¬£8.50). My dining partner chose a starter of home made fishcakes (¬£4.95) and a small main course of haggis, neeps and tatties (¬£6). The full sized haggis portion costs ¬£8.95, but usefully the Cramond Inn offer a smaller portion (on other dishes as well) for ¬£2.95 less.

Soon the food was delivered to our table. The fishcakes contained far too much potato, but more worryingly they tasted like something out of an Indian takeaway. This wasn’t a taste the menu advertised and certainly wasn’t welcome. The haggis, neeps and tatties were submerged in a ‘whiskey and spring onion’ sauce. This dish tasted better than it looked, but it certainly won’t be enough to get the Cramond Inn on any culinary map. My lasagne was so tasteless it’s impossible to describe. However there was no mistaking its gooey consistency. The chips were decent, but a whole pack of chewing gum later all I could taste was the plentiful red onion from the side salad.

On a previous visit to the Cramond Inn we tried their homemade banoffee pie (¬£3.95), which was decent. Unfortunately this gave me unwarranted confidence in the Cramond Inn’s other food offerings. The great location, great draught beers and generally good village pub feel made the Cramond Inn’s food all the more disappointing.

A visit to Cramond should be essential for all residents of Edinburgh. When there, by all means enjoy a few drinks at the Cramond Inn. I particularly enjoyed the Sam Smith’s Pure Brewed lager at ¬£2.52 a pint. Based on our experience the food, unfortunately, isn’t worth the added expense. High quality service and the friendly factor also seemed sadly lacking.

The Cramond Inn is located at Cramond Village Edinburgh EH4 6NU.
Telephone: 0131 336 2035

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  1. Hi there

    We also visited Cramond Inn over the last couple of weeks and have a very similar story to tell. It wasn’t the best for food and we were through in the back room which lacked atmosphere. I imagine it would be lovely on a cold winters night with the fire roaring - but it did nothing for me at the height of summer. Very shabby!

    I ordered camembert parcels - one was empty - and the other half full - and it was about £6!!!

    Have you tried Cragie Farm just outside the 40 mile speed limit on Queensferry Road and also Hawes Inn at South Queensferry!

    PS. Also Avoid Bella Vista at South Queensferry - I paid £12.00 for Pasta with a murshroom sauce - very basic, very bland and very expensive!!

  2. James Morrison on July 16th, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    I have been, good beer, bad food. I thought the staff were really nice though , must’ve had someone different. The atmosphere is great outside of the backroom, especially when the fire is buring.

  3. It’s been like that for years - the food’s dull/expensive, the decor’s comfy, the location’s great.

    Staff variable. Suspect it depends how many tourists they’ve had in.

  4. This is a good wee pub with some great ales and stouts. The food is of a good fair standard and the portions ample… it was good honest fair (went at lunch time today) - true they could improve on a few things but at the end of the day it is a local pub serving locals… it is not trying to say its a gastro pub!!!

    staff were friendly and the service quick and any questions answered.

    all round and good place to take people after a walk along the shore.

  5. John Sandilands on September 2nd, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    August 31st 2010
    I had considered some of last years comments over-cooked however after a visit last week I really could,nt believe how poor the food was. Perhaps the cheap price was an indication of what was to come.
    Won,t be going back.

  6. I visited for the first time in three years last weekend, it was truly terrible, with dirty tables and glasses, and for the toilets……

    What has gone wrong here ? Does the owners or brewery care ? It is just a dive.
    I protested at the state of the plave to the duty manager, who looked like 20, and was told ” I dont suppose you will be back ” she was correct. Since been told by a bank friend that it is up for sale and in money trouble. Hardly a surprise. The worst restaurant and pub in edinburgh, if not Scotland.

  7. So incredibly disappointed! The last review here was 7 months ago and it appears that the management have taken no heed! We decided to treat ourselves to Sunday lunch yesterday and came away wishing we hadn’t bothered. Chewy meat, tasteless gravy, grey peas, soggy yorkshire pudding. Not the worst service I’ve experienced, but far from friendly. Such a shame, lovely wee pub.

  8. Sam & Val Proudfoor must be spinning in their graves ! What was once the busiest
    place in Scotland, with a four month waiting listfor tables to eat, is now a complete filthy dive. I would not eat here now for free, the complaints and the menu is shocking. I had friends visit this week from theUSA and they told the staff the food was terrible, the reply was then f*** off and don’t come back. One recorded this on their phone and is being passed to the various health inspector departments. If you want to eat reasonable food DO NOT VIST CRAMOND INN.
    its not fit for anything human !

  9. I agree with the comment above, when I visited last evening drugs were openly been used and sold over the bar.

    I asked for the manager to be told no one was available and im told that the locel police turn a blind eye ( getting kickbacks no doubt) If you have a wife or family, avoid at all costs. This is now a drug den and full of crack addicts.

  10. I visited here with family from overseas this week. it was the most disgusting food I have ever seen and inedible We sent all our meals back and asked to see a manager, to be told ‘ there’r busy”

    I understand this is a brewery unit owned by the former S&N, the place is terrible and the staff clearly retarded. One waitress we saw was our of her mind on drink or drugs. I have read the above reviews, too late for us, but drugs seem to be the order of the day gere. Such a shame as it could be really good if the right management operated it with quality food.

  11. Once a charming, beautiful little pub in an ideal place was taken over by young, inexperienced management and went downhill within a couple of months.

    Lack of a decent chef and mature management caused my opinion of this place to change - maybe if it was taken over, I would be back.

    décor was traditional and stunning, perfect location, gorgeous cold beer. Just a shame about the food and staff, really.

  12. visited the Crammond inn at the weekend. The young English Couple management team are a breath fo fresh air. The bar staff are very friendly. We had the roast dinner and we could not find fault with it. Have had meals in Sam Smiths pubs before and am aware that they are already pre packed for microwaving, but the Sunday roast dinner was freshly preparee, a decent selection of beers available at affordable prices Will definately re-visit

  13. My husband,daughter, grandson and I looked forward to our visit to the famous Cramond Inn yesterday, but we were in for a great disappointment! No fire lit, we were cold, I had to keep my coat on, no blackboard telling us what the soup of the day was and so I had to ask at the bar.
    My husband ordered the soup. This was called Potato and leek, but it was watery, couldn’t see potatoes and the leeks weren’t cooked out. He left it but ate the bread and butter. After a very long wait, our mains of scampi and chips, liver and onions and chilli con carne arrived. The liver was slabs of dry leather, the gravy-salty, glutenous and slimy-the carrots microwaved and didn’t even have the taste of a decent fresh local carrot. My 3 year old grandson, who can eat for Scotland, left his chips!! They were certainly not freshly done and they looked inedible. My husband also left his chips. My daughter had the chilli con carne, and when asked if it was alright, her reply was OK, but when she is hungry, she’ll eat anything, and I didn’t offer to taste it as by this time I was not prepared to taste another morsel in these premises.
    The Cramond Inn obviously does not have a chef, as they require a person who can snip the corners of plastic bags and press the relevent buttons on a microwave.
    Where’s the delicious food of the past?Where’s the warm atmosphere? Where’s the noise of the many happy customers chatting amongst themselves, enjoying their time in this beautiful, old, famous inn????

  14. WARNING !!!!!

    This place in under investigation for drug dealing and also selling watered down spirits. The food is terrible as many previous reports state.

    I am an investigative journalist and I will update as soon as I have more news.

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