Away from Edinburgh, lunch at Glasgow’s the Butterfly and the Pig

The Edinburgh Blog’s ¬£9.80 return train trips from Edinburgh to Glasgow wouldn’t be complete without a trip to The Butterfly and the Pig. The Butterfly and the Pig is a fantastic foodies pub with furnishings every bit as eclectic as their menu. Now in its third year of operation the Butterfly and the Pig has delivered, and continues to deliver consistently great food. This blog has no hesitation in recommending a visit to The Butterfly and the Pig to anyone visiting Glasgow.

Turkey pie topped with sliced potato at the Butterfly and the Pig pub, Glasgow Battered haddock, chips and mushy peas at the Butterfly and Pig, Glasgow

With references to “hammy the ham monster”, monetary amounts in “pppppease” and “cheeky cheese please burger” you could be forgiven for thinking a children’s fairytale had been dropped on your table. Infact these surreal ramblings form the Butterfly and the Pig’s daily menu; a menu whose preamble states if there’s nothing you like they will either call a taxi or order a takeaway pizza for you. Thankfully from my first visit to the Butterfly and the Pig over a year ago to my latest visit this Saturday there have been no phonecalls needed.

No meal at the Butterfly and the Pig has ever bettered the pollock, chips and mushy peas special (¬£14) of my first visit. The batter and huge quantity of delicious white fish was incredible; so were the fantastic chips and mushy peas. Unfortunately I’ve never seen the perfect pollock since, but thankfully a similarly scrumptious haddock, chips and mushy peas (¬£9) is a mainstay of the Butterfly and the Pig’s menu. Although a smaller portion than my previous visits, the haddock and chips on Saturday still had something special, as did the mushy peas; which are apparently prepared in a ham stock.

My dining partner’s eyes boggled at the size of her very festive turkey pie, topped with sliced potato (¬£9). The eyes boggled again when the huge slices of turkey lurking below the delectable creamy sauce, with mushrooms and leaks were discovered. This reminded me of my own amazement when my order of a steak pie with “poofy puff pastry” (¬£10) was fulfilled on a previous visit. And the amazement of a nearby diner was there for all to see when a cauldron containing his venison stew (¬£10) was served.

Sometimes the serving staff could be a little more alert, sometimes side vegetables with some of the heartier dishes would be appreciated and sometimes it would be nice if the official website worked. But when a pub has so much individuality and so wonderfully varied offerings as the Butterfly and the Pig it’s impossible to seriously criticise.

The Butterfly and the Pig is a honest food lover’s dream. It’s also a tried and tested way to recharge the batteries when shopping in Glasgow. I just wish it were in Edinburgh!

The Butterfly and the Pig is located at 153 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4SQ.
Telephone: 0141 221 7711 (bookings advisable)

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