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Delta airlines direct route to Atlanta

Delta Airlines are opening up a direct flight service to Atlanta and beyond from June 6th 2006: The Edinburgh Blog looks at their deals.

Bus Tracker system in Edinburgh

Well there I was stood waiting for the Lothian Bus number 25 outside the Omni Centre. As I looked into the night sky wondering how long the next bus would be, the answer hit me. No readers it wasn’t magic but a little LCD screen going by the name of ‘Bus Tracker’. […]

Synonomous words: Delays and GNER

And so I made my return to Edinburgh via an approx. 7 hour flight from Boston to Manchester and then a supposed 3 hour 15 minute ride from Doncaster to Edinburgh with GNER. It turned into a 4 hour and 40 minute journey! First of all it was around 10 minutes late arriving […]

Edinburgh Traffic calming in full swing!

The Edinburgh Blog: Edinburgh traffic calming in full effect

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