Watching the World Cup at The Three Sisters

There can be few, if any, better locations to watch the World Cup football matches than the beer garden at The Three Sisters in Edinburgh’s Cowgate. Of course sunny weather is needed, but this was present in abundance last night when I was at The Three Sisters watching the Brazil versus Croatia match.

Outdoor screen and heater for the World Cup at the Three sisters, Edinburgh World cup flags outside the Three Sisters, Edinburgh

The Three Sisters is owned by Festival Inns and is a big pub. Inside many plasma TV’s were showing the match and outside a fair sized screen was also operational. Many flags of competing nations are strewn across the beer garden/courtyard, including a huge St Georges flag for England and a huge Trinidad and Tobago flag. There are many wooden picnic tables in this beer garden (its all concrete - so don’t express grass though!) and when I arrived, about 10 minutes into the first half, the Three Sisters beer garden was already packed to capacity, with every table occupied and many persons standing within view of the large screen.

A bouncer was checking ID’s of the younger looking visitors on the main gate, as is the norm here, and inside the pubs grounds I found a good atmosphere with a group of perhaps 10 young Brazilians (I think they were genuine) supporting their team by way of waving flags and chanting their native songs.

World Cup football crowd in the Three Sisters, Edinburgh Beer Garden

The price of a pint of Carlsberg was £2.99, which I found a little steep; especially when the young lady behind the bar poured me a pint barely over half way. She seemed a little bemused when I asked for this to be topped up into a full pint, but she placed it back under the tap and all was well. It would be nice to see some beer promotions during the football though.

A sign advertised a BBQ which was not operational while I was there, but many tables were ordering a basic looking burger and chips - I think this was on special offer, but not sure how much it costs. The tall gas heaters were also switched on in the beer garden, which will be great for when the temperature is cooler.

Overall, I found watching the world cup on a sizable screen outside at The Three Sisters a pleasurable, good natured experience and certainly a better proposition than being sat inside ones own flat or inside a pub for every match.

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