Brecks Bar on Rose St for drinks

Last night I had the pleasure of sinking a fair few pints in Brecks Bar on Rose St. This is a traditional style pub with a central bar in the first room and a few seats around the periphery. Through the back is a larger, more spacious, room with many tables. They have a very traditional pub food menu and as the sign outside advertises it’s two main courses for £5.99: so very cheap. And yes you get what you pay for; but the scampi and chips I had yesterday was fine for the £3 price tag. Infact it was a necessity to combat the fair few pints of Kronenberg lager I was drinking! Obviously it’s just frozen scampi, and it’s a little worrying that the compact kitchen is located opposite the gents toilets down the stairs! They also stopped serving food at 7.30pm.

In the back room the lighting was a little too much like an office for my liking. It could have done with being a little duller, to add some more atmosphere to proceedings. However this is one pub where you can sit with friends and be comfortably heard, without having to compete with loud music (they do have background music on - but at non-intrusive volume).

The bar staff were young, many of them Australian: probably students in the Edinburgh area or travellers earning some money. Bar service was decent though.

Overall Brecks is a Rose St pub where you can sit and have chat over a few drinks, without breaking the bank. Worth pointing out that I have seen it get very busy for lunch at weekends, like many of the food serving pubs on Rose St. Like all pubs on Rose St it attracts a fair few tourists, but I think Brecks still attracts a fair number of persons local to Edinburgh as well.

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  1. I was in Edinburgh long time ago (2001) and when i was there i went to this great pub I think is fantastic but I am looking for someone who always goes there, his name breck macleod if somebody knows about him please let me know of if you breck macleod see this comment please contact me my email is
    Thankx in advance

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