Sygn in Autumn

And so with Edinburgh brightening up, yet remaining cold as ever, I ventured out for Thursday’s late night shopping. On the walk up to Princes St I took some pictures of some beautiful autumn leaves. Pictures below:-

Autum leaves (1 of 2)  in Edinburgh - a garden off Howe Street  Autumn Leaves (2 of 2) in Edinburgh - a garden off Howe Street

On Monday I purchased the CSI Las Vegas episode directed by Tarantino. I had a ¬£10 gift voucher for Virgin so buying it from their Princes St store it came to ¬£3.99. Today I spotted it in HMV: for ¬£16.99. Amazing really, considering the stores are about 50 metres apart! Still, If I hadn’t had the gift voucher I’d have much preferred the ¬£11.99 from :-)

After shopping I went to the excellent Sygn for food and drink. For starter I had some lovely Spring Rolls (¬£3.95) and for main their Burger, which was served with delicious chunky chips and roquefort sauce (¬£8.95). I’m a huge fan of Sygn, whether it be for a casual drink (their cocktails are excellent) or for good quality food (try and book the private booths in the back room). It’s a style bar, with the ‘gimmick’ being the bar has no name just a pink and white sygn (sic), but without the pretentiousness. It attracts a mixed, usually well dressed crowd. Midweek they have a live piano player/singer and through the weekend it has a real upeat atmosphere. Their website has more details (although at the time of writing it appears to be ‘under update’…I have no idea why they have to take the existing site down while creating the new one though!

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