Bite to eat and a pint at The Walkabout

Just before going to Edinburgh’s Playhouse last night to see Little Britain Live (review and a few pictures to follow shortly) I called off, with a friend, at the Walkabout in Edinburgh’s Omni Centre. A quick “hello” to the 3 obligatory bouncers on the door ensure we were allowed to pass ;-o

We just felt like a casual bar meal and to watch some of the Middlesbrough versus Fulham Premier league match. So along with draft Castlemain XXXX at £1.95 a pint and Stella Artois at £2.15 a pint I ordered some Nachos with beef chilli at £5.95. My friend went for the £2.75 cheesy chips.

Nachos with beef chilli at The Walkabout, Omni Centre, Edinburgh Cheesy chips at The Walkabout, Omni Centre, Edinburgh

The food was brought to our table within 10 minutes and there was a large quantity: good for lining the stomach if you’re on a heavy night. It was just pub food. The nachos were the kind bought in bulk as was the chilli, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. To be frankly honest the nachos and the lumps of accompaniment looked like slop; and looked even worse after I’d started eating it! Luckily the taste wasn’t as bad as they looked ;-p The cheesy chips matched the description just fine and come with some bbq dip. It’s alright. The food aint bad value for the price you pay, although there are better value pub meals available. I enjoyed the food for the quantity provided; the Walkabouts bar meals aren’t what you would go out purposefully for, but they’re more than adequate to go along with a few alcoholic drinks - they have quite a few tables as well. Saying that they do serve Kangaroo and Springbok meat. They also do standard size burger and chips (¬£5.25) or for ¬£1.50 more you can get this in ‘awesome’ size.

After this we headed to the bouncer free Lloyds No1 bar in the Omni Centre: The Playfair. This is owned by JD Wetherspoon but, like all Lloyds branded establishments, has plasma TV, music and an attempt to create some atmosphere! The draft Budweiser was on offer here, but it didn’t taste so good and there were no seats free. So we just lasted for one, before heading to see Little Britain Live at the next door Edinburgh Playhouse.

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