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Great lunch at the Grain Store

The Grain Store on Edinburgh’s Victoria St reviewed by The Edinburgh Blog. Edinburgh’s The Grain Store was visited for an excellent value lunch, where The Grain Store offered a three course lunch for £15.

Lazeez Tandoori of Dalry Road

Review of Lazeez Tandoori on Dalry Road, Edinburgh. Lazeez Tandori is a takeway and small sit-in restaurant which offers good value curries and other Punjabi dishes, which are a speciality of Lazeez Tandoori. The Edinburgh Blog ranks Lazeez Tandoori highly.

Away from Edinburgh, Nardini’s at Largs

Review of Nardini’s at Largs, Scotland. Nardini’s is a cafe/restaurant/diner in the Scottish seaside resort of Largs. Nardini’s is famous for its wonderful ice-cream and Nardini’s also do a good fish and chips.

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