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Rick’s and their buy one get one free offers

Review of Rick’s restaurant and bar on Edinburgh’s Frederick St. Rick’s, part of the Montpelier Group, was chosen for an evening meal because of Rick’s Buy One Get One Free (BOGOG) offer on Rick’s main meals.

Morningside for Loopy Lorna’s Tea House

Review of Loopy Lorna’s, the tea house on Morningside Road, for tea and cake by The Edinburgh Blog. Loopy Lorna’s is a terrific tea house and Loopy Lorna’s is a great addition to Morningside.

Lunch club at The Magnum Bar & Restaurant

The Magnum restaurant and bar reviewed by The Edinburgh Blog for lunch. The Magnum bar and restaurant is a pleasant bar with good food in Edinburgh.

Enjoyable evening at George St’s Gusto

Gusto, the restaurant and bar, on Edinburgh’s George St reviewed for an evening meal. A peking pizza and mishroom risotto was enjoyed at Gusto restaurant and so was a pint of Morretti in Gusto’s bar.

Lunch club at Ramzes grill & steak house

Ramzes, the grill steak house in Edinburgh’s Canonmills, reviewed by The Edinburgh Blog. A cheap and cheerful lunch at Ramzes was the subject of this Ramzes blog posting.

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