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Kweilin’s quality Chinese food

The Edinburgh Blog review of Kweilin Chinese restaurant on Dundas St, Edinburgh for a Chinese meal in Edinburgh. Kweilin is a quality chinese restaurant in Edinburgh.

Hallion to Home House to Hawke + Hunter

Hawke + Hunter has opened on Picardy Place in the Georgian town house, formerly Home House club and The Hallion. The Edinburgh Blog reviews drinks at Hawke + Hunter, Picardy Place, Edinburgh.

Seafood at Loch Fyne

Review of The Edinburgh Blog’s seafood dinner at Loch Fyne restaurant located at Newhaven Harbour, Leith, Edinburgh. Loch Fyne is a chain of fish restaurants.

Queen and Country & The Islanders:An Introduction at The National Gallery of Modern Art

Overview of Queen and Country and The Islanders:An Introduction, two exhibitions at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Edinburgh) by Steve McQueen and Charles Avery, respectively.

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