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‘Van Gogh and Britain: Pioneer Collectors’ at The Dean Gallery, Edinburgh Art Festival review

Review of the Van Gogh and Britain: Pioneer Collectors art exhibition, taking place at Edinburgh’s Dean Gallery (7th July 2006 until 24th September 2006).

Clinically Famous: Festival Fringe Review

Review of Clinically Famous at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a one woman show about an actress who’s checked into the Priory with agitated depression.

Craig Hill - Kilty Pleasures: Festival Fringe Review

Review of Craig Hill - Kilty Pleasures, the stand up comedy show from the kilt wearing Scottish comedian at the Assembly Rooms on George St for Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe 2006.

Momma Cherri’s bowls that lack soul

Review of Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe in the Pleasance Dome, where she serves Soul In A Bowl, that yesterday was pretty awful.

Lunch With the Hamiltons: Festival Fringe review

Review of Lunch With the Hamiltons, the daily talk show at Edinburgh’s Pleasance dome during the Festival Fringe, with Neil and Christine Hamilton.

Jim Henson’s Puppet Improv - Adults Only: Festival Fringe Review

Review of Jim Henson’s Puppet Improv - Adults Only from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2006.

Edinburgh Festival Cavalcade 2006: May the festivals commence

Photos and video from Edinburgh Festival Cavalcade 2006, where Edinburgh Festival performers take part in a huge parade throughout Edinburgh.

A night at Musselburgh Racecourse

Musselburgh Racecourse was The Edinburgh Blogs destination for a night of horse racing and gambling, that proved hugely enjoyable and a great night out.

Enjoying the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for less

The Edinburgh Festival season is here with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe opening this Sunday - here The Edinburgh Blog offers a few tips on how to enjoy some Fringe shows for less money.

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