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Calton Hill and Nelson’s monument review: Edinburgh As A Tourist Part 4

In part 4 of The Edinburgh Blog’s Edinburgh as a tourist series Calton Hill and Nelson’s Monument are reviewed: Calton Hill offers superb panoramic views of Edinburgh.

The Vintners Rooms: C’est magnifique

Review of The Vintners Rooms in Edinburgh’s Leith area: totally excellent dining in probably Edinburgh’s best restaurant.

Edinburgh sightseeing with Windows Local Live

Google Maps might not have detailed satellite imagery of Edinburgh City Centre but Microsoft’s Windows Live Local certainly does; here The Edinburgh Blog looks at some virtual sightseeing of Edinburgh.

Wannaburger that’s good?

Review of Wannaburger, the burger restaurant on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

Chop Chop - Surprisingly a billion people aren’t wrong

Chop Chop, the Chinese restaurant, on Edinburgh’s Morrison St reviewed - the flyer may ask can a billion people be wrong - I guess not, this was a totally excellent meal.

Edinburgh International Film Festival open for booking

Last Thursday saw the Edinburgh International Film Festival release the 60th programme - the more popular events have sold out, but there’s still plenty more to choose from.

Edinburgh’s French market down Grassmarket

To celebrate Bastille day Edinburgh is hosting a French Market on the Grassmarket strips, where you can purchase fresh food and other French themed goods.

Edinburgh Zoo review: Edinburgh As A Tourist Part 3

Edinburgh Zoo review, with many photos, as part of The Edinburgh Blogs Edinburgh as a tourist section.

A fine lunch at Maison Bleue

Review of Maison Bleue on Edinburgh’s Victoria St for a cheap and totally excellent lunch for two - a great value restaurant in Edinburgh centre.

Indigo Yard for one course too many

Edinburgh’s Indigo Yard bar for a very good three course meal and drinks. Indigo Yard is a stunning venue and can be criticised only for its poor deserts.

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