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Coffee Anyone?

Hello again from Guest Editor.
Well, today I met up with a friend for coffee in town. We had originally made plans to visit Cafe Rouge in Frederick St however upon arriving it was too busy. In hindsight it was pointless to try and get a table in there at 2pm on […]

Mylo at the Corn Exchange

Another guest editor has kindly supplied a review of the recent Mylo gig. Read on….
I was lucky enough to have the fortune of attending the Mylo concert on Wednesday night at the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. It was Mylo’s opening gig of the “Destroy Rock and Roll” album tour and I can safely say it […]

George St in Traffic Chaos

Hello - this is not the usual blogger today. I’m a special guest with a little bit to say about the chaos witnessed in George St today. Edinburgh’s premier street is no longer a full thoroughfare for traffic. Along with the recent addition of traffic lights to the many roundabouts, the council, […]

Edinburgh Hogmanay tickets have arrived!

And so a while back I ordered 4 tickets (the maximum available per order) to this year’s Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh. Today they finally arrived; I am numbers 035625 to 035628. And here’s a picture of them:-

Basically you just detach the wrist band from the over sized ticket and that becomes your entry […]

Food on the Royal Mile and a swift pint

After picking some train tickets up at Waverley station I headed to the Royal Mile for something to eat. Given the rain (yes same old story!) I didn’t really look around so chose ‘Gordon’s Trattoria’, 231 High Street. This is a little Italian restaurant with a very wood set interior. The staff […]

Heavy Rain and a curry for the weekend

Heavy rainfall in Edinburgh and a mini-review of

Christmas decorations already at The Dome

And so there I was walking past The Dome (an upmarket bar and eaterie) on George Street and I noticed the pillars outside decorated ready for Christmas. I know people say the date of the decorations going up gets earlier and earlier each year.. but isn’t 66 days pushing it a little!?!? Anyway […]

Edinburgh Traffic calming in full swing!

The Edinburgh Blog: Edinburgh traffic calming in full effect

What would King George Say…?

After work I walked to George St for dinner at the Grape. On the way I saw the result of the £3 million traffic calming measures. A while ago I remember reading that some groups were worried that the traffic measures were ruining the historical look and beauty of Edinburgh. I think […]

New PC and Snooker at Marco’s

I walked from the centre of Edinburgh out to the PC World at Costorphine on Saturday morning. Google Maps calculates this to be just over 4 miles. Anyway I bought a new computer and wireless router, using the tax/NI free voucher I’d elected through the company I work for.
On Saturday night I went […]

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